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Guided by principles of trust-based philanthropy, Skyline Foundation respects the expertise and vision of the nonprofits we fund. We emphasize multi-year, flexible, general operating support and a long-term, systemic perspective.

Climate Solutions

Skyline Foundation funds organizations working to secure lasting and just climate solutions based on effective, scalable strategies in solidarity with communities most impacted by

  • defending existing and securing new policies that shift the world toward 100% clean energy
  • exploring and supporting new technologies that mitigate climate change
  • protecting the right of people to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live in resilient communities
  • mobilizing and building power in affected communities to champion equitable solutions

Just Democracy

Skyline Foundation works to ensure just, democratic opportunity by defending civil rights and civil liberties. Areas of deeper focus include

  • expanding democratic participation and the right to vote for people who historically have been excluded
  • advancing policies that support economic security as a foundation of a just, democratic society

We consider journalism essential to a thriving democracy and support organizations working to strengthen the news and information ecosystem and innovate new models by

  • creating high quality investigative and accountability journalism that holds power to account and builds trust of communities
  • fostering diverse and inclusive pathways into journalism careers and news leadership

Equity in Education

We believe access to education is a fundamental right. The foundation supports efforts to improve education outcomes, especially for low-income and students of color by

  • increasing funding to public schools to ensure schools are resourced adequately and equitably to support all learners
  • supporting a diverse, high-quality workforce of teachers and school leaders equipped with the tools they need to be successful
  • improving college access and success for students of color, low-income, and first-generation students through programs and policy changes that address systemic barriers

Birth Justice

The foundation seeks to improve the birth experience in the United States by working toward the full integration of midwifery into our health care system. Our approach aims to address systemic failures to provide equitable, accessible, respectful, safe, and affordable care to all families by

  • expanding understanding of and access to the midwifery model of care which is based on dignity, autonomy, and the promotion of physiologic birth
  • promoting the scale and spread of birth centers to increase choice and access
  • increasing the size and diversity of the midwifery workforce to improve outcomes in communities most affected by birth disparities