Employee Giving

Our mission is to improve health care in the Gorge. Our immediate goal is to build a stronger foundation with 100% board, physician, and hospital staff support. When you show you care, the community will too.

If you're considering a gift to the Skyline Foundation, now is an excellent time as Skyline Hospital is currently matching all employee gifts 2:1.

To sign up for regular (or one-time) payroll deduction to benefit the Skyline Foundation, download the Payroll Deduction Form.

Forms are also available in the foundation office, the employee mail room, and the payroll department.

Please return the completed form to Martha Hunsaker in payroll. All donations to the Skyline Foundation are tax deductible.

All gifts are appreciated.

Thank You Skyline Employees!

Thank you, Skyline Employees, for supporting Skyline Foundation and your future cafeteria and community space.

Robby Bell
Stefanie Boen
Sarah Boland
Donna Clack
Mika Clark
Patty Clemence
Daryl Cook
Ginger Coxan
Sylvia Delgadillo
Leilani Denham
Billy Deo
Christopher Duniphin
Terry Endow
Edee Ford
Rebekah Groeneveld
Marci Guthrie
Wanda Hill
Bill Hollander
Hong Kreiser
Joanne Lembrick
Mark Lesage
Terri Lesage
Robin Loomis
Local Union 1533
Mike Madden
Vince Mendell
Linda Nyholm
Steve Opbroek
Steve Pascuzzi
Becky Petty
Terry Phillips
Linda Pickens
Dolores Predeek
Mary Prine
Jessie Ramos
Rhonda Rickey
Beth Robison
Lupe Rojas
Dr. Gianna Scannell
Brenda Schneider
Debi Sears
Debra Sexton
Shelly Skiles
Dr Russell Smith
Rita Stephenson
Lynn Sutton
Shelly Skiles
Beth Walton
Renee Warner
Jolene Wedrick
Barbara Woodbury